This Could Be The Best Photo Yet of Apple’s Next iPhone


An image published by today offers what might be the clearest look yet at Apple’s next iPhone — if you believe the photo is legitimate, anyway. It seems to have been taken outside in the real world somewhere, which perhaps lends a bit of credibility to what we’re seeing here. It’s certainly an early prototype, as there’s no “iPhone” branding anywhere on the back casing.

This latest iPhone shot corroborates two rumors. First, Apple has cleaned up the antenna lines on the back; now there are just two, and they’re a little more subtle since they run along the top and bottom curves. Second, Apple has apparently outfitted its latest smartphone with a significantly larger camera (and an even bigger bump to go along with it). The larger “Plus” variant is rumored to include a dual-lens setup, so if that pans out, what you’re looking at here is the 4.7-inch iPhone.


Unfortunately, no one seems capable of flipping the iPhone up when taking these photos, so we’re still left without direct evidence that the headphone jack is going away. The overall design follows rather closely to the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S. If you’re waiting for a fresh iPhone overhaul, it’s looking like you’ll need to just keep on waiting until 2017.

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