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The 5 Best Games to Play During Lockdown

As you know, the gift from Wuhan has taken over completely and we might be in for a long run of Covid-19 before things go back to somewhat normal.

Practicing social distancing means a lot of time spent inside. So what do you entertain yourself with when you can’t go out?

What do you do during a lockdown? You play games, of course! What games do you ask? Well here’s a top list for you based on personal preferences.

International Lotteries

Why not come out of the pandemic as a millionaire? Oh boy, do I wish it were that easy. Playing the lottery is exciting though – especially if you enter a bunch of different types of lotteries that have their draws on different days.

Then you have something to look forward to several days of the week – checking your ticket and if you’ve won something.

But how can you buy a lottery ticket without going out? Come on, it’s 2020 – everything exists online these days and lotteries are not an exception!

There are a ton of sites out there that allow you to play up to 50 international lotteries with a few clicks of a button.

I’m talking about the crème de la crème of lotteries, such as the US Powerball, Mega Millions, EuroJackpot and more.

Some of the sites give you real tickets and some only allow you to bet on the outcome – either way it’s pretty much the same thing as you just pick your numbers and hope to get lucky.

Do a quick google search and you’ll easily find a list of the best online lottery sites in India. That’s how I found LottoSmile, the platform that I’m currently using myself.

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Card Games

There are hundreds if not thousands of card games and we all know that we Indians could hardly live without a deck of cards in our homes.

Since a young age, we’ve enjoyed traditional favorites such as Teen Patti, Satte Pe Satta, Rummy, and Teen Do Paanch.

What’s better than shuffling up some cards and challenging your family members or neighbors during a lockdown? Just don’t forget to wear a mask and avoid touching your faces!

Since we may have a lot of time to kill, now would be a good time learning some new card games too, wouldn’t it?

I must admit I like sticking to the favorites myself, but there’s so much to explore and the internet is such a convenient way to learn the rules of new games.

Speaking of the internet, you can of course play a ton of card games against other people online too. Not only for money but also for free. This way you’ll practice the optimal social distancing while still getting all of the fun.

Board Games

Now’s the time to dust of the old monopoly board that’s hiding under the bed and takes over the world playing Risk.

If the endless amount of card games didn’t do the trick for you, surely board games will. These are probably some of the most underrated types of games that exist now that technology has taught us that everything has to be done online.

I love playing video games myself (just check out number 4 on my list!), but board games are honestly just as fun if not even better.

There are so many games I used to enjoy as a child that are rarely touched anymore. Can you feel me? I’m talking about Ludo (Chaupar), Kalaha (Pallanguzhi), Snakes and Ladders (Moksha Patam), and the likes.

The list is long. Let’s make this lockdown a board game revolution where we bring back the good old times!

Video Games

This is a no-brainer of course. Who doesn’t have a phone, computer, or at least one gaming console at home these days?

Video games are undoubtedly the main source of entertainment among young people. If you’re skilled or interesting enough you can even make it a lucrative career by streaming yourself playing games online or competing in eSport tournaments.

There are probably hundreds of games that I could recommend just on top of my head, but if you own a PS4 I feel like the recently released Crash Bandicoot 4 is a must grab.

It’s pricy though! On a tight budget PC games such as Path of Exile, Final Fantasy 14 and Diabolical will surely do the trick. These are just some of the many A+ games that can be played for free.

Jigsaw Puzzle

Is there any better feeling in the world than completing a jigsaw puzzle of several thousand pieces?

I picture a lot of nodding heads not agreeing with me, but personally, I’ve always loved putting together puzzles, and how great family activity isn’t this?

No matter how big or small of a group, everyone can pitch in working together to create something beautiful.

Surely you must have a couple of puzzle boxes stashed somewhere in the closet? If not, the internet is once again to the rescue as a bunch of jigsaw puzzles can be found online that are 100% free.

I must say though that building puzzles online isn’t half as fun so I’m not sure I would do it myself. However, it can be quite addictive once you get started so I guess it isn’t too bad after all (said after I completed a 150 piece puzzle)!

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