Benefits of Using the Biometric Timesheet


With the recent technological innovations reaching more milestones, businesses need to keep up with it.

Gone are those days when paper and pen were the only means of keeping a record. Nowadays, you can do that and more with the aid of technology.

You do not need to spare manual labour and worry about accuracy. It is mainly why organizations – small and big alike are adopting the best biometric timesheet.


Why Choose a Biometric Timesheet?

Now, you may wonder the reason behind integrating the biometric timesheet into an existing business organization.

However, when you look at the benefits, you will understand why. Check out the advantages listed here and see if it is right for your business.

No Time Theft

Time theft is a veritable nightmare to HR. Employees most probably don’t understand, but the five minutes extended break that they take can cause great financial loss to the company.

Add such minutes from every employee, and there is a boatload of time that remains unproductive but paid.

With the aid of this fingerprint technology, you cannot dupe the company anymore. Also, it will encourage the employees to focus on their work.

Enhanced Payroll Accuracy

Previously, the organization had to spend hours going over the attendance sheet of the employees. There, they would note the absences, late times, and overworking periods.

Then the payroll would be issued. However, with the assistance of a biometric timesheet, it is not so time-consuming anymore. Now, the device transfers and stores data immediately. You save time and increase efficiency at the same time.

Maintain Attendance

It is natural for a human being to make mistakes. There is a possibility of error when there is manual labor involved.

But when you use the biometric system, they fully maintain accuracy. There is no scope for mistakes.

You cannot dupe or fool the technology. It accepts unique fingerprints as the identification of each employee. Also, it is easy to use and install.

  • Eliminates Buddy Punching

Buddy punching is an illegal but common office practice that has annoyed HR for years. Employees often cover for each other and give proxies on their behalf.

With the installation of the biometric timesheet, buddy punching is out of the question.

You cannot punch in for anyone else as the device only identifies fingerprints. It saves the business a massive amount of money.

Also, it keeps the environment more honest and urges the employees to improve productivity.

No Prospect of Getting Lost

Often, employees lose cards and badges. Then, HR has to inactivate the cards and change the access codes.

Apart from messing with the attendance, it also puts the security of the entire company at risk.

The better alternative is to use the timesheet device. There is no possibility of someone losing it. Now, managers and HR can do their actual job instead of focusing on these issues.

Increase Profits

When employees are appreciated for their hard work and extra time, they feel good. This directly translates to more productivity.

It ultimately increases the profits of the business. With the help of the biometric timesheet, managers can note the hard workers and reward them accordingly.

The more job satisfaction the employees have, the better it is for the finances of the company.


These are some advantages of using a biometric timesheet. You might be surprised, but there are many more.

It mainly depends on the list of features and the budget you have. Regardless, investing in it is highly unlikely to cause you to have regret in the future.