7 Best Bathroom Renovations to Save Space and Safety

Bathroom renovations

Best bathroom renovations mean differently to different people. While some just look for improving the beauty and aesthetics of the bathroom, others make sure to include some safety features as well inside the bathroom.

Whatever your purpose is, it is better to get a mix of both things. A well-renovated bathroom adds to your home style.

Apart from laying beautiful tiles and marbles in your bathroom during the renovation process, look beyond that and make sure that it suits your current needs too, especially if you have senior citizens and elderly parents at home.


Ideally, the three factors that you should look for when designing your bathroom are functionality, increasing storage space, and comfort.

Here are 7 minor changes you can make in your bathroom for that purpose:

#1. Hidden tank toilet

This is one of the best bathroom renovations that save space for you. The vessel storing water is actually mounted inside the wall, thereby offering several benefits over others.

If you are redesigning your bathroom and your bathroom isn’t that big, then you can go for hidden tank toilets.

It also saves water every time you flush the toilet pan. It also adds to the style and is widely used in modern decorating bathrooms.

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#2. Tiles with small texture on the floors

You can change your tiles to redesign your bathroom. There are endless possibilities in textures and designs, but one of the things you should focus on for best bathroom renovations is using small textured tiles for flooring in the shower area.

The benefit of using small-sized tiles is these will have extra grouting, due to the floor will become less slippery.

This is very beneficial for bathrooms, as the shower area tends to get soapy and wet, and this poses a huge risk for people, especially the elderly.

With more advanced tiles coming in the market, you will also get tiles that prevent the growth of molds, humidity, and stains on the floor.

#3. Increasing the diameter of your drainage pipes

This is one of the best bathroom renovations that add a bit more functionality to your bathroom.

The problem with most bathroom plumbing pipes is that they get clogged easily. During the renovation, consider installing pipes that have larger diameters to prevent such clogging.

This will improve the drainage system of your bathroom and prevent occasional clogs.

#4. Don’t install a bathtub unnecessarily

Most people are crazy about bathtubs and spend a lot of money on purchasing them. But sometimes they might not be a necessity in your bathroom.

Also, one of the reasons is that if you already have a bathroom in your house with a bathtub, then there is no point in having another one.

Real estate agents also stress the point that a bathtub is probably the best bathroom renovations.

But if you are the regular bath guy, then there is no point in having a bathtub. And not to mention even the smallest of bathtubs take up a lot of space.

So, if you have a relatively small bathroom that you want to remodel, you can skip on buying a bathtub.

#5. Have a window inside the shower room

Humidity is one of the problems inside a bathroom that stays trapped because most bathrooms do not have proper ventilation.

Natural ventilation is the best way to increase the flow of outside air and removing the excess humidity.

Make sure to add a window, especially in the shower room, for getting rid of the mold and excessive dew.

A window that lets natural light will also add to the aesthetic value of your bathroom and is indeed one of the best bathroom renovations.

#6. Add a Recessed Medicine Cabinet in Bathroom

Get more storage space and a sleeker look with a recessed medicine cabinet above your vanity.

By installing it a few inches inside the wall, you save yourself some needed space and make your bathroom look the sleeker and more modern type.

The extra wall framing job doesn’t usually cost much in the grand scheme of a full bathroom renovation.

This is generally useful when your vanity is on the shallower side: You give yourself extra space to bend over and use the sink by using a recess in the wall. There are fewer worries about banging your head on the edge of the mirror.

#7. Improve your Bathroom Lightings

Bathrooms tend to have little access to natural light, hence the need for excellent lightings.

As you plan your bathroom remodel, consider changing or adding to your current lighting to improve the functionality and mood of the space.

The first important lighting change should be a dimmer for the main lights.

If you like to take baths, you know that a leisurely bath in full artificial light isn’t much fun. A dimmer will let you set just the right mood.

There are many ways to save space and increase functionality in your bathroom.

The 5 points that have been mentioned above might be the best because they also help you to save some bucks while redesigning your bathroom.