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Barcelona Stadium Tour – Camp Nou Stadium Profile

The Barcelona Stadium tour offers visitors a comprehensive experience at Camp Nou, the iconic home of FC Barcelona. Visitors can explore key areas such as the pitch, stands, and changing rooms, getting a behind-the-scenes look at the club’s facilities. 

The tour provides insight into the club’s rich history, achievements, and legendary players through interactive exhibits and displays. In addition, visitors can immerse themselves in the club’s culture and heritage at the FC Barcelona Museum, which features trophies, memorabilia, and multimedia presentations. 

Overall, the Barcelona Stadium tour offers football enthusiasts an unforgettable glimpse into one of the most renowned football stadiums in the world.

Brief History of Camp Nou

Camp Nou, meaning “New Field” in Catalan, is the home stadium of La Liga club Barcelona, one of the richest football clubs in the world. It’s opening was in 1957. 

Branded as Spotify Camp Nou for sponsorship, it’s undergoing renovation to increase its seating capacity to 105,000, making it the largest stadium in Spain and Europe, and the second largest worldwide.

Hosting various finals and tournaments, including Champions League and World Cup matches, it’s a historic venue. 

Spotify acquired naming rights in a $310 million deal announced in March 2022, with renovations scheduled to begin in June 2023 and expected completion by the 2025–26 season.

Barcelona Stadium Tour Experience Ticket Price

Camp Nou stadium of FC Barcelona

The Camp Nou tour is subdivided into different categories with their respective prices. Read on as I outline these categories. At the end, you’ll realize why FC Barcelona is one of the most valuable football clubs in the world.

FC Barcelona: Sport Xperience 

  • Ticket price: $24

This category features iconic moments, memorabilia, and the future plans of the club. Visitors can explore the Barça Museum, which showcases memorabilia like Messi’s 6th Golden Shoe and futsal trophies. 

The tour includes experiencing the matchday atmosphere with the Spotify Camp Nou Live Immersive Room, a 360-degree spectacle, and challenging oneself with the RoboKeeper for a chance to win prizes. 

Additionally, visitors get exclusive first views of the new stadium construction. Inclusions comprise an immersive tour, tickets to the Barça Museum, an audio guide, access to the Stadium 360 Immersive Room, and the RoboKeeper Challenge.

Important details include the recommendation to bring football gear for the challenge, accessibility facilities, and the disclaimer about the immersive room’s suitability for guests with epilepsy or photosensitivity.

FC Barcelona Total Xperience 

  • Ticket price: €41

Visitors can explore the iconic Camp Nou stadium through the Spotify Camp Nou Live experience, participate in the adrenaline-filled Robokeeper challenge, and immerse themselves in the Barça Virtual Dream virtual reality universe. 

Additionally, visitors can customize their own shirt at the official Barça Store and receive a digital photo of their visit. The package includes entry to the Barça Museum, a digital audio guide, access to the construction viewpoint, and a Blaugrana scarf for children. 

Important details include wheelchair accessibility, allowance of pet and guide dogs, availability of audio guides, and a disclaimer regarding the immersive room’s suitability for individuals with epilepsy or photosensitivity.

FC Barcelona: Total Xperience with Basketball Arena Tour

  • Ticket price: €53

The tour experience at FC Barcelona’s Palau Blaugrana offers exclusive access to the facility’s private areas, led by an official guide. 

Visitors can explore the player’s gym, dressing rooms, and basketball court, immersing themselves in the gameday atmosphere in a 360-degree room. They can also enjoy interactive exhibits at the Barça Museum with an audio guide. 

Exclusive perks include a free basketball match ticket, a customizable Barça shirt, and 3 shots at the Robokeeper. Highlights include viewing Messi’s 6th Golden Shoe at the museum.

Important details include the inaccessibility of the tour for wheelchair users, available facilities such as restrooms and cloakrooms, and the allowance of assistance and guide dogs. 

The tour includes a guided tour of Palau Blaugrana stadium and private areas, entry to the FC Barcelona Museum, a digital audio guide, access to the construction viewpoint, and a variety of gifts and experiences.

Types of Camp Nou Tours

Barça Immersive Tour

Immersive Experience: Experience a 360º audiovisual show in the Spotify Camp Nou Live immersive room, offering a unique experience at Europe’s largest stadium.

Future Stadium Preview: Enjoy an exclusive preview of the future stadium construction viewpoint, exploring architectural projects through models and audiovisual presentations.

Comprehensive Package: This tour includes a visit to the temporary museum and an informative audio guide, allowing visitors to delve into the illustrious history of FC Barcelona.

Spotify Camp Nou Stadium & Museum Tour

Explore Spotify Camp Nou with exclusive access to various areas, including the press box, museum, press room, tunnel, ground, and the ‘Messi Area.’

Upgrade your tour with a digital audio guide available in 13 languages, accessible directly on your mobile phone.

Spotify Camp Nou Guided Tour with Brunch

Embark on a guided tour with exclusive access to the press box, museum, dressing room, press room, tunnel, ground, and the ‘Messi Area.’

Accompanied by a bilingual tour guide, meet at the designated meeting point at Carrer de Balmes nº 5.

The tour starts at 10 am and concludes with brunch at the In Tour Bar, including two tapas and a drink of choice.

Highlights at Spotify Camp Nou Stadium


The museum comprises three main sections: the historic museum, the ‘Futbol art’ Collection, and a section featuring temporary exhibitions. The historic part houses all of the club’s major trophies, including the Champions League Cup.

The View from the Stands

Visitors can explore the stands and enjoy breathtaking views of the pitch. They can freely wander among the rows of plastic seats and soak up the atmosphere.

The Changing Rooms, Press Rooms, and Mixed Zone

Explore the team’s changing room and proceed to the mixed zone where post-match interviews with the players occur. Then, head to the more formal press room, which has a seating capacity for 120 journalists.

The Pitch and Dug Out

Walk out onto the pitch from the players’ tunnel and take a seat in the chairs where managers, coaches, and players sit during the match.

The Press Boxes

Visit the press box, where reporters have a bird’s eye view of the action while commenting on the game. Take pictures to capture the atmosphere and imagine what a packed stadium would feel like!

Barcelona Shop

The Barcelona online store offers a wide range of official merchandise and memorabilia related to FC Barcelona. Fans can browse and purchase jerseys, apparel, accessories, and collectibles featuring the club’s iconic crest and colors. 

Additionally, the store offers exclusive items such as limited-edition merchandise, autographed memorabilia, and official match gear. 

With convenient online shopping and worldwide shipping options, fans can easily access and purchase their favorite Barcelona merchandise from anywhere in the world. The various Barça stores are listed below:

  • Barça Store Spotify Camp Nou
  • Barça Store Canaletes
  • Barça Store Paseo de Gracia
  • Barça Store Arenas
  • Barça Store Ronda Universidad
  • Barça Store Aeropuerto de Barcelona T1 
  • Barça Store Aeropuerto de Barcelona T2
  • Barça Store Sagrada Familia 

Lego Camp Nou 

The LEGO Camp Nou-FC Barcelona 10284 building set offers FC Barcelona fans a rewarding project, allowing them to construct an authentic model of the iconic Camp Nou stadium. With details like the lateral stand, tribuna stand, and pitch, the model captures the essence of the mighty stadium.

Divided into 5 sections for easy access, it features realistic touches such as Barça signs, the Catalan flag, and scoreboards using LEGO elements and a sticker sheet. 

Additional highlights include the players’ tunnel, VIP entrance, and team bus. This set is part of a collection for adults who appreciate elegant design and makes an ideal gift for soccer enthusiasts and FC Barcelona fans who appreciate collectible memorabilia.

Stadium Parking

Parking at Camp Nou can be accessed through gate 14 of the stadium, with free parking available during stadium and museum tour hours. On match days, parking is permitted up to 4 hours before kickoff.  You should compare to Arsenal Stadium Parking.

Paid parking lots near the stadium offer 24-hour access and can be reserved in advance. Limited parking spaces are available at the stadium’s own lot exclusively for club members, with parking allowed up to 4 hours before matches. 

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