Are You Building Your Money Pipeline? Start Now!

the money pipeline
the money pipeline

Are you building your money pipeline?

Money is one of the most commonly used words on the globe.  Everyone uses money; we all want it, think about it, and work for it.

If you don’t know what money is, then I’ll say you’re not human because money today is the way to get so many things done.

There’s no one generally acceptable definition of money, it has been defined by many authors and described by lots of writers too. Where it comes from and how it got created is best known to those who dedicate themselves to studying economics.

It’s a new year and Financial freedom is one of the important things to add to the list of things you want to achieve.

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Financial freedom is often related to having not just enough money, but more than one steady means of income.

I chose ‘building your money pipeline’ as the topic of this article to inspire you to invest in financial freedom and create wealth which is the number of days you can live without having to work, measured not by the number of gadgets you have but the assets in your possession.

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A pipeline is a conduit made of pipes used to convey water, gas, etc. Could money be conveyed through pipelines? Yes, figuratively.

Painfully, Not focusing on building a money pipeline (a business) is one of the things that the outgoing generation did wrong, the question is Why follow their footsteps?

I’m going to tell you a short story to describe how important it is to start building your financial pipeline or system to cater for your needs and wants, not just for today or the next couple of weeks, but for the future.

Short Story – A life Changing Conversation

Once upon a time, two young men, Samuel and Gabriel, so determined and hardworking lived in a small town. They are good friends and like every other young people, their job is to fetch 30 buckets of water per day to the king’s farm from a nearby town which is 2 kilometers away.

Each day Samuel and Gabriel showed up for the job, they got paid. It was tasking and stressful but it has become a daily routine for the two friends. One day after the job, Samuel and Gabriel discussed on pressing financial issues they have to attend to which their wages cannot cater for.

Gabriel wanted more money and perhaps more freedom, he wasn’t so satisfied with his income and want things to change.

Samuel also feels the same way but was more determined and wants other sources of income, so he gave a suggestion. Here’s is the life-changing conversation they had:

Gabriel: What if we keep this job and work another job so that we make more money?

Samuel: that’s cool, but we’re still slaves, and if we don’t show up for either of the jobs per day, no pay for us.

Gabriel: the second job will be a bonus isn’t it?

Samuel: don’t you think we’ll be so tired and miserable at the end of each day working two stressful jobs?

Gabriel: hmmm, but…. We have to work hard you know.

Samuel: what if we work smart rather than hard?

Gabriel: How? What do you mean?

Samuel: I’ve been thinking we should find a way of leveraging our time for more money.

Gabriel: You mean, we work less and make more money?

Samuel: Yes, but we work more at the start.

Gabriel: I can’t get that.

Samuel: What if we find our way around building a pipeline that will convey water from that village to our town.

Gabriel: That’s a huge project and it is more tasking than what we’re are going through every day. After all, we are talking 2 kilometers!

Samuel: Yes, I agree but the benefits are far greater than the work to be done, Gabriel. We’ll have to plan this and work it out; truly, it will take time and energy.

Gabriel: Wait, what are the benefits? If we do this I know we won’t have to work like slaves ever again and …. Oh! Oh!


Samuel: You got the picture? The whole town won’t have to go that far to get water and other young men who fetch water to the kings’ farm. Everyone will now get water right here in our town without having to travel that long distance, I mean no stress.

Gabriel: that’s interesting, and our jobs?

Samuel: We monetize. For every bucket anyone fetches from our pipeline, there’s a little payment for it. Now come to think of hundreds of people paying very little affordable amount every day and night getting water from our pipeline.

Gabriel: We don’t have to wake up very early to get water into the king’s farm, we let other young men do that, we own the pipeline, we make more money without stress, and we ensure that the pipeline functions well.

Samuel: The interesting part for me is even when we’re not there money doesn’t stop coming in and we can have other income sources, investing with the money we make from our pipeline. Who wouldn’t want to pay a stipend for something that really solves his/her problem?

Gabriel: We must do this. This is the road to financial freedom. When do we start to build?

Samuel: Right now. But first, let’s make the plans and research.

I’m sure you’ll find value reading through that life changing conversation between the two friends. That’s a true picture of increasing and creating wealth.

The question now is; ‘Are you investing in building your own financial pipeline or you’re working to build other people’s pipeline?’

What about investing in building a business online? An online business is definitely something build along side your day job and you’ll get passive income by so doing.

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So build an asset online alongside salary jobs if you choose to work for others, you never can tell what could happen in the future, save to invest, and be responsible with money.

You can turn things around, you just have to find the best route to take, there’ll surely be times of discouragement and without motivation, your determination to be financially free will be the only driving force to help you get to the light at the end of the tunnel.

Once again, take a step and start building your money pipeline today. If you find this helpful, don’t forget to LIKE and SHARE this post with your friends.


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