5 Apps Fashionistas Need To Download Right Now

Apps fashionistas need to download

The fashion industry has never been as accessible as it is now, thanks to the internet, social media – and yes, apps.

There’s something for everyone, whether they’re looking for inspiration for next season’s wardrobe, keeping up with fashion week, or playing fun fashion games.

Staying ahead of the crowd is easy with the must-have fashion apps on this curated list.

From finding that elusive dress an influencer wore to interactive gaming apps, being fashionable has never been this easy or fun!

1. Fashion GPS Radar – iOS / Android (Free)

This is an indispensable app for anyone that loves to follow fashion week, whether they’re actually in Milan or far away.

Fashion GPS Radar lets people browse runway and product images in near real-time, and a big selection of past shows.

The app is great for everyone interested in the runway, especially those who plan to attend fashion events.

Manage event invitations, browse the calendar, request invitations, confirm attendance, and use event map info. This is the holy grail of apps for any high-fashion enthusiast, blogger, or journalist.

2. Wardrobe – iOS (Free)

Who said sharing clothes is a bad idea? Most people have a closet full of clothes that they loved once (our bought on impulse), now rarely wear.

The founders of Wardrobe asked: why should those clothes stay tucked away gathering mothballs?

Instead, rent them out on a per-day fee decided by the items’ owner and let others enjoy them for a while.

The Wardrobe is currently only available in New York, although with plans to expand.

The app mainly focuses on luxury and vintage fashion with thousands of pieces made available by anyone, including influencers and celebs. Plus, it’s eco-friendly too!

3. Cladwell – iOS (Subscription-based)

There are many closet management apps out there, but Cladwell is one of the best by far. This app provides nearly everything someone could want in a closet app and presents it through a sleek interface.

Cladwell has daily outfit inspirations based on what people have in their closet and the weather like that day.

It also tracks what people like to wear the most and factors that in, after a while. What sets this app apart, besides its quality, is the database.

This lets people choose the items they own instead of taking snaps of every item in their closet. However, people can still take pics of their clothes and upload them if they want.

4. SeenIt – Android (Free)

Ever seen an outfit or piece that’s to die for, but the poster never shared where they got it? This app might be the answer.

SeenIt consists of a community of fabulous fashionistas who help each other find the items they’re looking for whether that’s clothing, accessories, shoes, or sometimes even makeup.

Users post pictures or screenshots of the items they’re looking for, and the community will help out by tracking them.

Usually, they’re able to find direct links to stores selling the items in question, but may sometimes suggest other alternatives. The app also provides celeb fashion trends and shoppable looks.

5. Drest – iOS / Android (Free)

One doesn’t have to be a gamer to enjoy this fantastic dress-up game that goes beyond just playing.

Drest was dreamed up by former Porter editor Lucy Yeomans and combines a youthful pastime (dress-up) with an adult one (shopping).

Who didn’t like dressing up their dolls in chic or daring outfits and end up wishing they could wear those outfits themselves? Well, now that’s a reality – or a virtual one, at least.

People can dress up photo-realistic avatars in high fashion outfits from major brands like Gucci, Burberry, Stella McCartney, and more.

Then, when they’ve found the look, they can purchase any items they like via Farfetch. The app also has a fashion newsfeed and challenges for those who like to experiment with the latest collections.

Final Thoughts: Apps and Privacy

While there are plenty of fun and helpful fashion apps out there, remember that not all are created with user safety in mind.

Fashion is a big and popular market for app designers, but that doesn’t necessarily attract only the best – or most trustworthy – creators.

Unfortunately, app stores like Google Play aren’t immune to malware and other problems so it’s up to users to protect themselves.

Make sure to carefully vet every app before downloading by looking at the reviews, number of downloads, and the developers.

Also, use security tools like two-factor authentication and VPNs to ensure hackers don’t get access to any accounts or devices.

What is a VPN? It’s an app that encrypts a device’s network connection keeping you safe and private online.