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Ishiba Grant Disbursement Date 2021 SEM Update

Just as usual, here’s an exclusively detailed piece about the Ishiba grant you’ve been wanting to understand.

Don’t worry, I’ve got all you need as this NGO for development and empowerment is REAL.

I know you’ve got a lot of questions about the Ishiba development and empowerment center, ishiba grant disbursement date 2021, and that’s the reason for this detailed post.

Update on July 5th 2019 will be given towards the end of this post. EFFC has been ordered to pay SEM N2,000,000 for taking measures without warrant. Summary of the court proceeding and outcome at the end of the post.

Important Ishiba Update November 14th 2019:

Update on November 14th 2019 has turned out to be a refreshing and hopeful one. The meeting between the National Coordinators of various NGOs and Cooperatives with the Social Exchange Market (SEM) was concluded and successful.

There will be a passbook that shall be made available to every Outlet by SEM. This passbook is equivalent to the value of the grant (10 Billion), and directives about disbursement has been given. 

More about the Ishiba update at the end of this post.

So, let’s take it from the very beginning.

What Is Ishiba NGO Empowerment Programme In Nigeria?

Ishiba Development and Empowerment Center is an architect of positive reformation, a bundle of monumental achievements that cut across all ages, a timely intervention that proffer solution to the current dilapidated economy.

Ishiba grant logo - NGO for development and empowerment Nigeria

ISHIBA Development and Empowerment Center (NGO) is also a multi purpose cooperative society founded by Evangelist Elizabeth N. Praise in 2006 but duly registered under the Nigerian Cooperate Affairs Commission, on the 25th of August 2016 in Abuja.

Ishiba Development and Multipurpose Centre is an NGO charged with the mandate of combating poverty, hunger and social injustice. YES, that’s where the Ishiba grant comes in. But first, let’s meet the team.

Ishiba Team

The Ishiba grant is made up of 36 state co-coordinators cutting across the South, East, North and West. You can find out more about the contact details of each Ishiba team member right in the states page of this NGO.

Regional Address

No 229, Enugu Road, near Fem-park Junction, Ugwunkwo Nsukka, Enugu State, Nigeria.

Helpline: +234-70328-70953

Email: info@ishibadcs.org

Abuja Address

Flat 4 Nissi Plaza Beside F.C.M Bank Kuje FCT Abuja, Nigeria.

Helpline: +234-70328-70953

Email: info@ishibadcs.org

What Ishiba NGO Does

Many things I’ll say. It cuts across teaching God’s word, agriculture, skills, Grants, health, Education.

Ishiba seminar Abuja
Abuja Seminar

God’s word: Since it is a non-governmental organization (NGO), this organization claims to teach people the way of God, which is very important in life.

Agriculture: Ishiba wants to offer a helping hand in the agricultural sector. they’re therefore making agriculture an integral part of their initiatives by encouraging more people to go into the sector.

One strategy is organizing seminars and workshops on specific agriculture with professional mentorship programs; supply of seeds and inputs, fertilizers, pesticides and provision of general production expenses.

Skills: Ishiba believe’s in skills because according to a 21st-century economist, “all money you will make in this generation must come from solving a problem”.

Grant: The organization don’t play down on the realism that what people really need is money. Most times, businesses can’t move unless there is start-up money. Because of this simple realism, Ishiba grant Capitals to budding entrepreneurs.

There’s more to what this organization does, learn more on their website – www.ishibadcs.org

Is Ishiba Grant Real?

Is Ishiba Real? Plain and simple, we are convinced to some extent. Nothing is 100% certain until proven otherwise.

With thorough research about loans and grants that are true, the Ishiba grant is unique (because it’s a grant and not loan).

We’ve written about loans for corps members and thousands of National youth service corps members have benefited.

Also our list of loan lending platforms in Nigeria and BOI loans for graduates have been of value to thousands of searchers across the country.

More so, we’ve just written about the trending trader money by the Federal Government, you should check that out as well.

What is Ishiba Grant?

According to Wikipedia, Grants are non-repayable funds or products disbursed or gifted by one party, often a government department, corporation, foundation or trust, to a recipient, often a non-profit entity, educational institution, business or an individual.

Unlike loans, grants are not to be paid back. So, the Ishiba grant no matter how much you fill when applying will not be paid back.

Ishiba is not like MMM or other current ponzi schemes that promises huge funds but turns out to be fake in the end, it is not a money doubling organization (Ponzi scheme) neither is it a networking business.

Has Ishiba grants been used to empower anybody before?

ISHIBA has empowered so many and is still empowering. For now, Ishiba grant has gone into empowering only those who are considered less privileged, like widows, orphans, people who need money urgently as a matter of life and death.

Ishiba empowerment

Ishiba empowerment

They’ve also paid hospital bills, fund surgeries and provide life supporting facilities and materials to people in distress.

For more frequently asked questions which cuts across:

  • Who is funding the grants (where is the money coming from)?
  • How will the money be disbursed?
  • and more… Please visit the FAQ page of Ishiba.

Ishiba Grant Disbursement Date – When Will Ishiba Pay?

Everyone is going to ask the question: “when will ishiba pay?” or when is “ishiba paying?” The truth is, there’s no fixed date, according to the team leader, Ishiba grants has made the team at Ishiba to work day and night to bring this to reality.

The mandate is to train and prepare 30 million Nigerians for business and agricultural grants came to ISHIBA in 2016 when ISHIBA still operated as a cooperative society.

NGO president

With this mandate, ISHIBA was obligated to expand and repackage her activities to become an NGO.

Members who applied to undertake projects between the costs of hundred thousand naira and ten million have to wait for the international grant coming to ISHIBA.

There is no fixed date yet, but with the recent speed up of talks, processing and more, we can assure you that it is almost ready for disbursement.

In order words: DON’T BE LEFT OUT. Grab a form, fill it, choose your desired business project (could be in millions of Naira) and YOU WILL get that funding.

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Ishiba Registration Form

So, how do you become a member? In other words, how can you be a beneficiary of this grant from Ishiba NGO? You have to follow the steps below and register by picking one ishiba form.

Here’s what the form looks like:

application form
Ishiba application form

Amount Needed to Become a Member of Ishiba Nigeria

So, what is the total cost of becoming a member? The membership form is 500 Naira, while the certificate costs 1000 Naira and another 500 Naira for general logistics.

The total is 2,000 Naira only. Anything higher than this is not ISHIBA.

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How to Become a Member Online and Benefits

1. GoTo wwwishibadcs.org click the register menu and click signup
2. Fill the necessary information and submit
3. A notification will be sent to your email for confirmation and how to pay your membership fee
4. After the payment, attach the evidence of your payment with your register email address to ishibainfo@gmail.com
5. It will take us minimum of 24hr and maximum 3 days to verified and activate someone profile

NOTE: One of the best ways to get the form is to contact your state coordinator (I’ve given a link to contact details above), and ask where Ishiba has offices in your state (closest to you), Pick the form in there and register. You’ll want something close to you isn’t it?

1. A member automatically becomes liable to partake in any of the grants associated with ISHIBA.
2. He/she is qualified to be part of any of the occasional seminars and workshops organized by ISHIBA, which may be associated to any of the following;
• Agriculture
• Health Care
• Skills acquisition
• Mentorship in trades of various kinds
3. He/she is entitled a certificate (costing N1000) after each seminar and workshop.
4. He/she is qualified to apply or recommend communities for projects. These projects can be sponsored by ISHIBA or through any of her sponsors.
5. To become a full member he/she most attend a seminars organized by ISHIBA DEVELOPMENT & EMPOWERMENT CENTER

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Concluding Notes On Ishiba Grant

The Ishiba grant has been trending as the organization has done everything to make the grant ready.

Disbursement: Over ten to twenty-five Ishiba microfinance banks will be created in each state of the Federation (including Abuja).

Apart from thousands of bank workers to be employed, One billion Naira will be given to each of these Microfinance banks throughout Nigeria to empower millions of people.

For the first time, Nigerians (especially citizens in the grass root) will be empowered.

The woman behind the scene – Mrs Elizabeth Brade has been working tirelessly over the past few yesrs to make this dream come true.

One of the state coordinators of the ISHIBA grant – called Mrs Elizabeth ‘the Queen Elizabeth of Nigeria’ who has come to deliver Nigerian masses from poverty.

IMPORTANT ISHIBA UPDATE as of May 26th, 2018

On 29th of April, news reaching us have been confirmed that members of executives of Ishiba in every state throughout the country are required to sign some documents (terms and conditions) in Abuja.

This have started about two weeks ago and so far, all concerned executives (chairman & secretary of each micro-finance bank to be created), in about 6 states which include Kwara, Kogi, Benue and Abuja have signed.

As of May 25th 2018, executives in the eastern part of the country as still signing necessary document.

Also on 25th of May, the President of the ISHIBA NGO appeared on National TV and here’s a short clip from what she’s said.

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She as also appeared on other TV stations as well.

Important Ishiba latest news as of June 8th 2018: As of this day, updates reaching us confirms that signing of necessary document is complete.

Between June 20 to 25th, all state coordinators are to meet at Abuja to have a meeting with the Minister of Finance of the federation and other ministers. The outcome of the meeting once we receive updates will be posted.

Important Update as of July 1st 2018: Directors and Chairmen of Ishiba micro finance banks to be opened, will be called on for disbursement.

Here’s the Latest Update from the desk of the General Manager Social Exchange Market, No 12 Dan Suleiman Street Utako Abuja:

When invited to Abuja for disbursement, they’ll be introduced to the commercial bank allocated to them (E.g Diamond bank, Union bank, etc.)

They’ll be given all necessary account opening requirements (duly arranged by SEM and the banks), they’ll get back to their locality, locate the nearest branch of that bank, open the account in the name of the bank and lodge in the cheque.

Directors and applicants will also get their funds in installments. However, there’s a tracking process put in place, it’s a collaboration between the CBN, EFCC, SEM and the commercial banks to avoid any kind of diversion of funds meant for beneficiaries.

Important Update of August 13th 2018

It has come to the notice of the donors of Ishiba and the Security Exchange Commission that some individuals have taken more than one form, even forms from other NGO’s, and this has called for great scrutiny.

The disbursement supposed to have commenced but due to multiple data entry, and misconduct of some NGOs and executives, this is one of the key reasons why the disbursement had to be paused and they started to re-verify data submitted.

Some individuals have registered multiple names with one bank account, some state coordinators in charge of creating micro finance banks have collected funds from rich individuals and created banks in their name, some have sold already submitted forms to other directors that are just creating new micro finance banks.

All these has been frowned at, as one individual can’t collect the grant from two or more NGOs . Also, some banks may be canceled. All these are what is being sorted out at the moment.

As of Monday, August 13th 2018, some states like Osun, Oyo, etc. had to call or text people who have filled Ishiba forms but didn’t include their bank details. This data (beneficiary name and name on the account number) will be used during this re-verification process.

Important Update of November 19th 2018 Ishiba latest

Reaching us today, November 19th is an audio recorded by the Head of Ishiba in Nigeria her self.

She has frowned at people using the name of Ishiba fraudulently to extort people and most importantly, those who have been discrediting her hard work over the years, through their negative news and rumors.

Important Update of March  19, 2019

News reaching us as we’re following ishiba disbursment date is that all microfinance banks cheques is now at the central bank, BUT disbursement will be secret, as a particular date has not been stated.

Important Update of June 5th, 2019

On the 11th of September, 2018, The Social Exchange Market filed a suit against EFCC challenging their actions for invading the premises of SEM located at 12, Dansuleiman Street, Utako, Abuja, on the 28th day of August, 2018 and carted away seven computers, Universal Collateral Registers and Ledgers meant for its operatives.

The EFCC Lawyer, Mss Deribe stated that the EFCC got a petition from one Abubakar Abah against one Mrs Elizabeth Praise Ngozi, the President and Founder of ISHIBA EMPOWERMENT NONE GOVERNMENTAL ORGANIZATION alleging fraudulent activities from the said NGO under the auspices of Social Exchange Market anchored by one Mr Donald Olorunkeyede.

The petition was copied to The Central Bank of Nigeria. According to her, that was her clients invaded the applicant’s business premises and did what they did.

On examination of the questions enumerated above, the Judge ruled that the EFCC has the powers to carry out a financial investigation on all and sundry but within the ambit of the law. She declared that the EFCC ‘s action was without recourse to the law and entered judgment in favor of SEM and awarded her the following reliefs:

  1. That the said EFCC has been barred from interfering with the applicant’s business henceforth;
  2. That EFCC should tender an unreserved apology to the applicant and publish it on three national dailies, within thirty days;
  3. The EFCC should pay damages of two million naira only to the applicant.

Important Ishiba Disbursement Update As of October 1, 2019:


Every serious business venture is required to have a clear road map that ensures the success and sustainability of the business as well as its goals, direction and objectives.

The SEM project has faced a lot of challenges and is geared toward commencement and thus requires a customized business plan and project guide to ensure compliance with the laid down expectation of SEM for every beneficiary.

Below is a proposed template that captures most important details in the business plan.

Long story short, as Ishiba is well informed that the SEM will play an important role while ensuring that the grant is disbursed, here’s how the disbursement to NGO’s will be granted.

Disbursement is to be released in trenches based on approved amount for the project.

1st Trench – Phase one of the project – 35% of approved amount. After monitoring and assessing the level of implementation and compliance. The second trench of the grant will be released.

2nd Trench – Phase 2 of Project – Another 35% of the approved amount. After further assessing level of implementation and compliance, the final trench of the grant will be released.

3rd/Final Trench – Phase 3 of project – 30% of the approved amount. The monitoring and evaluation team is to have a template for evaluation to approve funds release at various phases.

All this is given out and signed by Akin Soyode, E.D, S.EM.

Ishiba business template and disbursement details

Important Ishiba Disbursement Update As of November 14, 2019

So, National coordinators of the Ishiba Empowerment programme and the Social Exchange commission have met once again, this November 2019.

As said by the Ishiba President in Nigeria, Elizabeth Ngozi Praise and the National Secretary:

The major discussion and deliberation that took place in the cause of the meeting is in regards to the disbursement of SEM grant and the modalities that MUST be strictly adhered to.

There will be a passbook that shall be made available to every Outlet by SEM. This passbook is equivalent to the value of the grant (10 Billion).

It shall be issued by SEM through the various National Coordinators of NGOs and Cooperatives to the Outlet Chairmen under them.

In this regard, there shall be a COLLATION CENTRE in the Six (6) Geopolitical zones of Nigeria where each State and their various Outlets that fall within such zones shall submit their ledgers in hard copies.

The submission of these ledgers shall be done by the respective Outlet Chairmen. These collation centers shall be set up in tandem with SEM by the National Coordinators of various NGOs and Cooperatives which shall handle both the Ledger Submission and the collection of the Passbook.

The PASSBOOK shall be received by the National Coordinator and handed over to the various Outlet Chairmen during this exercise.

The dates, time and venues of these exercises in various Geopolitical zones shall be communicated as soon as possible.

I wish to sound a clear note of WARNING and INSTRUCTION to all State Coordinators that NO FORM OF MONETARY COLLECTION FROM THE VARIOUS OUTLET CHAIRMEN IS ALLOWED. This MUST be strictly adhered to without fail.

Each of the grant received MUST be strictly utilized for the execution of the project for which it was applied by the various beneficiaries.

No form of diversion shall be entertained for any reason. It is in this regard that every State Coordinator in function with the National Monitoring Team must ensure that this is adhered to without fail.

Each Outlet is expected to fill a feedback form after the collection of the passbook which will carry the details of the Passbook received.

During the Passbook collection exercise, Micro Finance Outlets that paid before July, 2018 and has not received their MF certificates shall receive them.

Outlets with physical Offices and had incurred expenses should clearly state the number of expenses incurred.

The amount must be true and realistic. The expenses should include exclusively Office rents, Staff salaries and Operation or running costs.

Every of the above expenses must have evidence to connote that it was incurred in terms of receipts and invoices as proof of its authenticity.

When these are clearly written and corresponding backups, it should be forwarded to the National Office for onward transmission to SEM who will act on them and do reimbursements where applicable.


Each State Coordinator should as a matter of urgency send evidence of payments for MFOs from the inception of the project till July, 2018 with corresponding names and details for treat and onward transmission to SEM.

This particular instruction MUST be acted upon promptly to avoid delays and unforeseen consequences. You are to send the above information swiftly.

In regards to the Project Proposal, you are by this update informed to attach the proposal to the MF ledgers that will be submitted at the various collation centers.

This development has negated the initial submission of the hard copies of the project proposal to the National Office directly.

Emails shall be provided for the forwarded of the entire document (Proposal and Ledger) soonest.

State Coordinators should ensure that no body is a Director in more than one bank. Please do this reconfirmation.

We sincerely want to appreciate all our state coordinators, Outlet PDs for the support in making sure Zethar was fully represented in the meeting held on 13th of Nov 2019 at Redemption Camp Ogun State between SEM and the NCs, we are happy to have you stand with us.

Points to Note:

1. The meeting was a huge success as the new order of communication is now SEM through the NCs to their PDs, the initial relationship is restored.

2. Very Vital documents regards disbursement were signed by various NCs in the meeting today on 13th November 2019.

3. Every Collation Exercise carried out before is being nullified and labeled Void.

4. We have been trained on how to obtain disbursement Pass/Cheque books for our outlets, organised Ledger collation/Submission of hard-copies for our outlets etc.

5. Time is of the essence in that regards ZETHAR has scheduled 21st and 22nd Nov 2019 for the point mentioned in number 4.

6. Please note that this Exercise is for those who have signed the UCR with their Certificates, those who signed without certificates are required to come with payment evidence, you will be attended to.

7. This Exercise is as good as getting the grant itself as a failure on the side of any PD to come will lead to omission from the disbursement process.

8. The venue for the exercise will be communicated before the weekend, further instructions will equally be sent through our state coordinators to relate to all PDs domicile within their region.

9. You are kindly advised to disassociate yourself with any gathering or any association that doesn’t have a defined relationship with both SEM and ZETHAR.

10. NGOS and cooperatives under SEM are now referred to as Service organizations in the Appropriation of the grant.

God bless you all.

Zethar MPCS
National Sec.

Important Ishiba Grant Disbursement Update As of November 3, 2020

As events have unfolded for about a year, still the Ishiba empowerment program has yet to give grants to individuals who registered.

Today, November 3, 2020, information gathered as shown that there’s more than 50% chance that the grant will be disbursed this month.

It turns out that to save the name of the ISHIBA NGO, the executives have gone extra mile to secure other grant funding sources so as to maintain its credibility. This would now be via TELPECON.

So far, those who have registered for the grant since about 3 to 4 years ago have been contacted via call or sms to send in their bank account details.

While some beneficiaries were eager to send in their details, some have responded to calls and SMS’s from ISHIBA executives in harsh manners.

Many have even forgotten that they applied for a grant, thinking that those calls are scams.

Our source has the following findings as to how the grant will be disbursed, starting from November 2020, all conditions being equal:

  • The Central Bank of NIGERIA will disburse to TELPECON
  • TELPECON will disburse to the NGO (TPGFF)
  • The NGO will disburse to all chairmen/chairpersons and Directors
  • The Chairmen and directors will conduct verification to all their beneficiaries containing their account details which must be a maximum of 1000 as a complete DATA in an excel sheet format
  • After that, the verified 1000 beneficiaries shall be sent to the provided software for onward scanning to avoid duplication of names
  • Once this is achieved, the management shall prepare a schedule to the bank for onward payment through the provided account of the beneficiaries or prepared Interswitch card to all the verified beneficiaries.
  • The clusters account shall be credited by the NGO for the purpose of Cluster Community Project only and shall be managed by the three signatories with the supervision of the NGO

More updates about the Ishiba grant will be brought to you as we receive them.

Many people still keep asking WHEN will Ishiba pay, what is Ishiba grant disbursement date? Well, you can judge from the updates maybe it’s soon or not.

We’re not Ishiba, we can only give updates that we receive and believe to be true as soon as we get them, not updates based on hearsay.

There’ll be the more latest news about Ishiba grant payment and we’ll be here to let you know every progress made. If you find this post to be helpful, please like, share, and give your comments.

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    • WE at OASDOM are not ISHIBA, please. We only provided information as gathered about an NGO called ISHIBA who intends to give grants to Nigerian citizens. No one at Aasdom represents Ishiba. It is up to you to carefully discern if you should send money to anyone

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  34. Please how much is the money, will it be enough for all of us. When will this grant be disdusted. This is 13th Aug 2020. Please what’s the holdup
    Sorry to say, but people I introduced to the group are accusing and asking for a refund, please respond.

  35. I talk with d queen her self on fone..Dr Envagelis N. Praise n she tel me they are trying hard after d covid 19 d money wil be ready ..let all join faith n pray with her ..we wil live lng n nt die b4 our tym

  36. I obtained this form March 12/2018 with amount of 4000naira since then they’ll be collecting money for certificate ,bags,, today 1500naira tomorrow 2000 that how me and my people are being paying them here in Lagos State orile iganmu apapa still yet we are not seeing anything thing called Ishiba please if you are not giving us grant again please return all our money but if you refuse not to return our money God of heaven ll judge you people oo

  37. Thank you so much for your time and effort in this regard.I have read through your encouragement words.However,I do believe in one principle that you can’t give what you don’t have.We were all aware this money has been released,why are they still holding it to themselves while most of the members are dieing in abject poverty. I believe you have religion, how have reform yourself with the commandment of God.How long the disbursement dates changing will end?This is an evidence to prove your commitment to the words of God. I believe God can do it and He will one day do it at His appointed time.Remain blessed.

  38. Good day, I register with ishiba and I have not heard any thing since then, even to know whether I am duly registered. please I need Confirmation. My Name is Nnaji Marsellus Sunday

  39. I registered since last year with my colleagues and till date, I ve not seen or heard anything, even the certificate we ve not received, can someone respond to us..tankbu

  40. God bless the founder, and may God continue to protect her to achieve her dream, the Lord is your strength, in EBONYI STATE some people paid more than the registration fee but never the less, since 2015 till now, we
    have been expecting it before now but we know that is not easy to actualise the dream in Nigerian where the LEADERS are not happy to be seeing others progressing because if everyone become rich no political useless youths, but if God of David, Isaac and Jacob is heaven, disbursement must surely take place in Jesus name Amen. thanks so much

  41. I have gotten my ISHIBA cert since 10/11/2017. I hope this works. I paid N2,500 for the form. We are all praying that it works very soon.

  42. After 2 years, all hope as been lost but I know there is God in heaven who keeps all the records of our deeds here on earth.who ever is lying God Knows, Life continues with or without ishiba.i rest my case…..

  43. i have paid N2000 for Registration since last year going to 2 years now ,i got no information nor feed back ever since last year.please i need an information

  44. I learnt that Ishiba woman is the one that hindered the disbursment of the grant through SEMI., Is it true?

  45. i am sylvia from uyo and i wish to know if the sem grant on going is still in line with the ishiba grant and its been on going from september 2019


  47. Having waited this long, I can still wait. My business proposal is still intact. The prayer is, may the grant be paid in our life time Ijmn. It will be too good too be true by the time this grant is paid. I have incurred legion of enemies because of Ishiba grants.

  48. Many people just come here to run thier mouth anyhow. Are those holding the grant jobless? But it is suprising that with thier wealth, they are still holding the so called grant. Seeking for grants does not mean people are jobless but only shows that our leaders are not interested in reducing poverty. So those who just talk should reason before saying anything.

  49. Face your warrant. Nothing concern you with anybody’s life. Stop pokenosing into what is never your business,ok? What an insolence?

  50. Make una go find job no grant day come from anywhere stop wasting your time believing that somebody will give u 1milion to start biz

  51. The way I am seeing things, I believe they won’t pay this grant again. It is good that people should forget about it. But why did Ishiba collected 2 thousand Naira for forms? I see it as a curse being born to a poor family in Nigeria

  52. I am from eti osa Addo town ajah pls I don’t have any information about this ishiba since March that I have attended the seminar at epe local government people are qeution ing me about ishiba because I introduce many people pls spare me out I don’t have get my certificate till now

  53. I have registered and even attend the seminar at epe local government since no certificate no any directory pls help me I registered many people with ishiba which they always ask me about thier own pls spare me out

  54. We prayed and fasted for many months already. God is not wicked, it is the handlers who are evil. They just want the the masses to die suffering. Imagine one Donald Okorunkeyede putting huge millions of Dollars meant to be disbursed to cooperative societies for disbursement to people in his own account since 2018 and refused to release the money since. This is beyond wickedness,it is devilish.

  55. Praying and Fasting facilitate fulfilment of prophecy 1Tim 1:18 Let us use this medium to pray and fast for the realise this January 2019

    • Issues recently finally settled out of court and disbursement shall commence in earnest, SEM office reopened and serious work ongoing.

  56. morning house, someone told me yesterday that ishiba are disbursing fund from the east.. oasdom pls confirm it if is authentic or not

  57. Oh Lord, deliver us form Natural & supernatural forces that is delaying the realisation of this laudable programme. Many potential beneficiries have died after too long hope. Thunder and fire, where are you? Descend on those evil forces.

  58. I know all will be well in JESUS NAME,this woman is not part of all this crisis so to say,she is a child of GOD,and she knows what she’s doing, let those who says all those robish just stop and have Faith, and big for forgiveness, because the grant will be disburse very soon.thank you

  59. Nigerians should learn to be patient with what this woman said she is not a fraudulent person and you can hear what she said that people extorting money from others in the name of the NGO are on there own so let’s just be patient and see how things goes

  60. Pls let us know if and when this grant will be distributed or if it is not going to be given at all so that we(people) will not be waiting hopelessly

  61. I hope as from the middle of this month,members will laugh,bcos he who laugh last,laugh best.All you need is a message that will be sent to you very soon.from a reliable source,just wait and see

  62. Good morning house,I heard that CBN will disburse the loan to the micro finance banks,I saw the news in daily Sun or daily trust in the newspaper today,which is 4th of December 2018.You too can confirm it

  63. If the Grant is for the rich, they would have gotten it without delay but because it is for the poor who have no one to fight for them,then the Grant is deliberately delayed or not paid. It is a pity we come from Nigeria where the poor suffers. God Is our strength and he will judge those who deliberately make us to suffers. This is a scamm

    • Please you shouldn’t call ISHIBA a scammer, you can call those that are using ISHIBA name to scam scammers as you can hear from the CEO herself. It’s unfortunate we are in a country where the rich have no feelings for the poor as you said above but please don’t call the few that are trying to bridge the gap bad names, please.

  64. Ishiba operation is pay Mr. Peter and rob Mr. Paul, a lot of state coordinator has used this organisation to acquire wealth through their illegal and untrue seminal programmed and collect extra money for Abuja Expenses. This is exactly 2-3 years nothing is done. Madam if you are truly Evangelist evangelized well and remember one day that you will leave this world. Think about it and let us know the real position. Thanks

    • Mr. Moses, I am not a member of ISHIBA but a potential beneficiary like you if you are one, I am close to some people that are expecting grant from other organizations through same medium as ISHIBA and they have been facing the same delays as ISHIBA just because some thieves at the top wanted to divert the money as usual. This woman and other NGO founders have been working tirelessly to make it work and I pray it works eventually. So please don’t point fingers to the wrong persons and let’s be patient and wait till things work out. At least it won’t cost us more than the token we paid for certificate and our patience. thanks.

  65. Please are u sure we will be given d money this year?since you said there’s no specific date or day for the money to be release.

  66. ishiba is collecting office file and jacket in Ibadan for now is it real ishiba or not and when is the grant will be pay in to our account

  67. Please when are we actually going to get this grant it’s quite appalling to go along with all the registrations without no speculated or specified date of payment

  68. Please let us know if you are not going to give us the grant anymore because I wonder what farming you want us to practice when it is already dry season. The masses are tired of waiting pls or what is actually happening?

    • Remember we are not in anyway affiliated to Ishiba, we only have insider information with us and the information is that funds will soon be released.

  69. But will are told that the disbursement will take place in October and November 2018 but nothing to show since last year

    • All info we’ve posted so far are based on what we got first hand and not hear say, when we have something genuine, we’ll update this post

  70. Someone said the information reaching him from the National Coordinator is that each director of the Micro finance bank will be called to Abuja to sign some document in person any moment from now without which the grant will not be disburse. Please how true is this?

  71. Sometimes delay creates doubts. But I think that Ishiba chairperson to clear the air about the Grant. Over a year no positive result and the form is still out for the second batch. #2,000 from millions of people is much.

  72. good day
    May God helps the organization as it helping the needy s please is being a member for all citizens and the assistance or Grant to be apply have limitation
    God bless
    F Hameed

  73. Are we going to informed us through our mobile SMS the day of disbursement ?
    Are we going to collect a check by ourself or someone can helps us collect the check?
    Are they going to write bearer name on top of the check,or other names else?

    • HI Samson, thanks for your comment. It is best to hear from the Ishiba team what exactly will be done and when. We’re following trends on this and once we have true info, we’ll make an update to this post

  74. Great ishiba,please,is it true that some names are check on Internet? Because, I heard a call previously from our member that he had check his name on internet,said i shall further to check my own name,at awoyaya, ibeju lekki,lagos.is it true?

  75. Please can you say what “Ishiba” really means? My other question is, a sim with which a member registered got missing with her phone, we got text messages Monday but she just got her SIM card back today, we are in the same group some people have been called, will she be ok?

  76. We heard ishiba committee observed there last meeting last 2 weeks ago, with the conclusion that we be expecting the money next month October, 2018. How genuine the information is?

  77. please, I heard that some people received call or text while some did not…we that aint called, won’t we be paid the grants….I need more light on That…thanks

    • This depends on location; that was actually used to verify the contacts of beneficiaries. That you weren’t called or texted doesn’t mean you won’t get the grants.

  78. Is those micro financial bank that is created for security purpose is build up now or the money for it is not yet relies for the project because people filling more than one form?

  79. Good morning, I got a call yesterday from a man claiming its from Ishiba. He said I should come for an oral interview. How true is this? Pls

    • Please do not give attention to anyone who claims to be working at Ishiba. As of today, we’ve not got any info about Ishiba interviewing people.

  80. 1)What is the name and address of the disbursing bank for Aguda, Surulere members?
    2)Has the disbursement commenced or about to commence. When?
    3)When are the members in surulere who registered in February 2018 and attended your seminar on 9th March 2018, collecting their certificates?

  81. A comprehensive report . The multiple registration by some applicant was as a result of misinformation from the promoters of this scheme mainly for them to sell their forms . I knew of some promoters that sells their forms for N2,000 a copy . Anyway we keep praying and hoping . Thanks , Razaq

  82. I’m just wondering what makes it wrong if an individual should request for grant from SME for two different projects under two different NGOs ?

  83. Many of us at our centre are yet to collect our certificate after fulfilling the necessary conditions since last year. Please help out

    • THanks for your comment Chima, from our findings, it’s true that not all has got the certificates because it comes in batches. Those who haven’t got theirs will still get it. Things are changing, from our findings the certificate could or could not be the key factor to accessing the grant.

  84. Pls, how real is it that the grant sponsors are requesting for an additional #1500? South west zone

  85. I wish to make an enquiry of the demand by some coordinators for #1500 as verification fee for the ishiba grant.. Its ongoing in Ondo and Ekiti state as we speak

  86. Comment:l pray this becomes a reality, because it will go long way to help a better part of our Nigerian youths. especially in the area of agriculture.

  87. I wonder why some Nigerians are just so greedy. While would someone register himself or herself with more than one NGO. Now this has caused another delay and we dont know when they will be finish reverifying
    To all you that did such ,May God forgive you all for this delay you have just caused. I just hope your names wil not be scrapped off the list because una no go fid cry that cry finish. Nonsense.

  88. They are all confuse. The rule should have been stated in the beginning and not now. This delay in
    Disbursement is a way of buying time that will eventually lead to the cancellation of the disbursement.

  89. I have a project booklet in another group but I am not so sure about this group.Can I bring the group to Ishiba

  90. I filled ISHIBA form since May 10, 2017. Since then, no certificate, no mandate card, nothing! I filled the form in Calabar, and paid N2,000. Earlier this year, they said we should go for verification. I did, and paid another N2,500. Up till now no certificate, no receipt. Yesterday, I was asked to send my account details for SEM GRANT. My question is: Is SEM GRANT the same as ISHIBA?

  91. I have been waiting for long now, even i have collected my own certificate. When will disbursement start now? I have my certificate now

  92. Good morning, pls what are the procedure to check my name l am one of the member because l want to know if am rightful member from osogbo, osun state. Thanks.

  93. This is a wonderful scheme that will end up wiping away poverty in our country .
    However it has to be closely monitored to ensure that objectives of the grant are met by beneficiaries.

  94. Please we are expecting latest updates today is 21st oh….May God help us we are tired of waiting we need hopeful updates

  95. please why is ishiba asking us to submit our bvn print out to them i hope this is not a scam like MMM.

    • Hi Ken, we’ve not heard about that update, once we have something true and not hearsay, we’ll make an update to this post as usual.

  96. Comment: Although,many Applicants Of The ISHIBA Empowerment Grant Are Like Thomas In The New Testament,purposely Because Nobody;Pastor,Immam,NGO & Government Can Be Trusted Nowadays.But God’s Will Shall Be Done At The Appointed Time! We Are Looking Forward To Receiving A Favourable Outcome From ISHIBA very soon.

  97. Comment:I’m living in Ogijo town Ogun State, i want to hear about Ishiba in my state,because Ishiba is not joking by empowering poor people into business. Thanks.

  98. ” please help ”i did an online registration and am still awaiting ACTIVATION of my account at ishiba. my account log in Email is uchenduifeanyi8@gmail.com, i made a payment of 2,000( two thousand naira) to the organization’s first bank account with the registration number 2032221666 and account name ishiba development and management center. looking forward for a positive effect soon thank you

    please bear with me the bank print out is very poor but connote;
    ACCOUNT NAME; ishiba development and management center
    ACCOUNT NUMBER;2032221666
    DATE; 11/7/18

  99. I thank God Almighty for this awesome vision to empower Nigerians! One thing about us is impatience… Many a times God answers prayers at his time let alone humans.We should appreciate the rigors and bottle-necks in administration,esp with a huge project,have faith it will surely come to pass

  100. Is the money refundable if d business collapses, am not praying for any collapses, but wat if it happen, is d money refundable.

  101. Comment:please,I had hear about other state signing their finance micro bank, what about Ogun state,because i belive that Ishiba is not joking by empowering poor puplis in this country.

  102. Thanks to Ishiba team for a new hope. soon i will be a managing director of Blessed poultry farm.

    We actually need to be updated on the sincere information from time to time because people are becoming worried and confused about this grant

  104. indeed this sounds hopeful. but ishiba should not do otherwise if not the hearts of many will be broken, many people including myself have put all hope in ishiba. please we need mor hope filled updates. thanks

  105. God Make Ishiba plans come true! And will want to partner with them to train youths/women on vocational/technical trade skills Vis a vis 20% theory and 80% practical especially in Abuja, Kogi, Niger, Benue, Nassarawa and Kaduna as an Entrepreneur!

  106. People’s are worried and always giving headheck about ishiba grants and disbursement, but why is taking longs processing?many who collected forms, some are dead,ishiba, are they going to returned their money backs to their family?if they are not found any more.is it not trade by 4120?pliz,do make everybody alive participant happy,so you can be glorify.God bless Nigeria.

  107. Are they not putting political games to this ishiba grants,and disbursement may be till 2019,election,we should focus?because, am suspicious how situation concern grants, disbursement are takes longs time of processing,longs longs things can makes heart breaks.

  108. This is new month,month of July, what is our expectations on this July now,about grants and disbursement? We should patients more,or we should forget and erazed our minds from ishiba or no ishiba.because a longs hopes, make hearts failure. Pliz reply,God bless ishiba,god bless Nigeria.

  109. Wht a great offer,if grants Granted – to me as entrepreneur’s power or Capital..I would be energized to feeds part of the Nation’s neediest…
    Still hope for it Saa….posted -today
    30th,Of June 2018……

    • Hi John, We’re doing our best to get valid updates and not info based on hearsay. Once we receive one we’ll update asap as usual

    • We’re not certain about the minimum age for the Ishiba grant. But in most cases, organizations require that applicants be 18 years and above. Still, since Ishiba aims to empower everyone, we don’t think age should be a barrier provided applicants have projects they want to fund

  110. Gud work dear, I heard meeting we start in abuja today 20th of June till 25th, my question is after we have written d amount needed for out project in d form, is there any question again from micro finance bank.

    • We don’t have information on that. The major activity everyone awaits is the disbursement and other requirements will be determined by the Ishiba team

  111. Infact,ishiba,i have a big project to established, modern FARMING.and i wil employed workers.thanks ishiba

  112. Great ishiba,please, how much they are really wants to disbursed for each person,example,in the registration forms i request for #10.million for the fishing and pigs, poultry,farms as well,how much they are going to give me,are they going to disbursed thesame amounts to those who request less than me,or all disbursement is thesame thing respectively.

    • Only the Ishiba team will decide on HOW to disburse the grant when they’re ready. Our best guess is, everyone will get what they filled in their forms

  113. We have been following up your updates and we discover that Lagos participants is always out of plans, only the Northern’s are being mentioned. Is it that Lagos participants are not necessary or there is a political ambition towards all this or rather there shouldn’t be any reason to be hopeful anymore. We always know Nigerians for one thing or maybe that thing we know our leaders for have taking over Odin’s.

  114. Comment: mail has been sent to your email address since ; asking for the nearest outlet within alimosho local government in Lagos, and up till now; no response to that effect.

    • Hi Biodun, we didn’t get any of your emails. Still, you need to direct your inquiry about the ishiba outlet in your local government to the Ishiba team. Please contact them on their website for more information.

  115. I have not got my certificate and i have paid the full 2,000naira. I registered in Mararaba, Karu LGA of Nasarawa State. How do I get it pls?

  116. Comment: please ishiba should tel us when is de disbursement, we are tire of all did stories.

    • Hi Kayode, we don’t have answer to when Ishiba will pay. The details of the processing and progess is fully known only by the Ishiba team. Also, we’ve never heard of sunlight

  117. I heard that ishiba will start disbursing by July. Please how true is the information?

  118. HI Glory, we don’t know that, you can get in touch with any ishiba office in your location to know if registration is still on.

  119. Good evening! Please as an Ishiba participant, I pray that the grant should reach all the participant. And I also pray for the Initiator of the Organization, National Chairman, State Coordinators and Local Coordinators.
    Thank you.
    Remain Bless

    • Hi Michael, only ishiba team knows how far with the signing. We’re sure to post new information this week as we receive an unpdate

  120. If ishiba can grants me an opportunity I will like to trained the youth on to produce any kind of paints within 2hrs without any tools or equipment

    • We’ve not received any updates. Only the ishiba team knows the progress of the signing. Once we receive latest information, we’ll post it as received

  121. Nice initiative although the Bible says the poor Will still be among us but with ISHIBA GRANTS it will be minimal

  122. Please I obtained the form and attended the seminar other people has been given certificate but I have not receive text message to come for it,while all those we did it together the same time the same place have all received it,pls what do I need to do?

  123. It has been long we do expect this to come true , please let it come to pass na, I am tired of waiting for this to come true oooo.

  124. I applied for Ishiba Grant and till now my certificate and ID card is still not ready. Dont really know what the problem could be.

    • No. The certificate to be collected doesn’t stand as a receipt for the form you collected and paid for. More information on that will be added

  125. Am into farming and is waiting for help since last year April but nothing came.This year Time is passing.Any Hope?

  126. I have as well registered since 13th of February up till now haven’t heard anything yet, I just want to believe this is true.

  127. helo, @ola u’re so on point my mind skip when ever i want to check update concerning the grant hope ur day is going well?

  128. To every business, time is money, money is time. From your post, the NGO can not give us the time, date and month that they will disburse the grant. In Nigeria we did not know how to handle information. Some people have apply for this grants almost a year plus. The only thing we hear now and then is that “VERY SOON.” At a time last yeas when they came to my area. The coordinator said, by December 2017. Although I know that there was a problem between the NGO and National Assemble. December came, they said by January 2018. January came they said by third week in April, 2018. Today is third week in May, all we hear is very soon!

    My own stand is this, if the grant is not possible, ISHIBA handlers should be bold enough to tell people that is not possible rather than raising people’s hope and at the end of the day what we hear is very soon.

    They should have plans very well before coming out to informed people about the grant. What many thought than was that, within few months, they will be able to get the grant. Some that want to put the money in farming how are they going to do that now because May is here already.

    My summary is this, if the grant come fine and if not let it be. No more false hope on this ISHIBA GRANT. People should just try and look for some thing else to do reader than given them self problem on this grant.

    God bless Nigerians.

  129. Comment:apart from the Grant for someone who has a larger project than ten million naira can they get loans from ishiba orthere are some people who don’t understand how this things go on Ishiba which they mistakingly fill the form with little amount and they have big plans so how can Ishiba help and pls how soon we are getting the Grant as for me I believe and I have faith may God Almighty make things through amen

  130. make God touch the heart of NGO, seriouly i don’t know what to do again, but i hope it will come to pass.

  131. Comment:To be sincerey I have loost hope from NGO since last year begning that I sumitted my doccument to them in and till date nobody can bit up his or her chest that today I well have my grant from Ishiba Am from Enugu state nobody weather they have bulid the NGO Micoro finacebank across the 36 state we have in the nation,My good people of nigeria when shall we see the grant we the less privilage are looking for I pray that Our Good God well see us In this Our Nation Nigeria let every body stilly hope for this GRANT

    • Please check in with the team at ishiba by visiting their website and sending them a message. They’re be in the best position to put you through.

  132. Apart from thousands of bank workers to be employed, One billion Naira will be given to each of these Microfinance banks throughout Nigeria to empower millions of people.


    • Our source said About 1 billion Naira will be given to EACH of the over 21 micro-finance banks in each state. There’s a huge possibility that places like Lagos state for example will have more than 20 mirco-finance banks.

  133. guys guys guys, we have waited for more than 20 years for God to bless us with business finance or take away our sufferings, now Ishiba is here, why cant we wait even till end of this year? as for me the promise alone is hope so since there is hope then i will wait till d appointed time to be fulfilled.

    then i can now ask a question. pls whats the meaning of Ishiba

  134. I applied for 1,000,000 but I was later informed that everybody should apply for not less than 10,000,000 per individual. Pls hw true is this information?


  136. helo, does this mean that the grant will be time soon, after all the neccessary bodies have signed?

  137. But what I heard is that lagos executive have all sign there necessary documents, it’s true and how many state remaining to sign now

  138. Hello over there, please what is the latest about ishiba’s grant? Are the coordinators still signing or what

    • Not sure about that. Information reaching us is that executives from south west states are still signing necessary documents.

  139. Can i be employed to work with ishiba micro finance bank? Although i am also an applicant

    • Please visit any ishiba office in your area, they should give you updates and you’ll also find out if the registration is still on

  140. Hi Ogunsua, we’ve given the update that has got to us. You’re correct by stating that some people have got their certificate. With the information we have, all secretaries and chairmen of each micro-finance banks to be opened are still signing necessary docs and it’s state by state. For the disbursement? We’re not members of Ishiba team so we have no information on that. But the best guess everyone will have is that disbursement will begin once executives are done with their thing. Still, Ishiba organization will definitely have more than enough information than anyone.

  141. All expectant of d great news you will not die,we shall alwz pray for the president of Ishibah for her longlife nd safety in Christ,we hope to hear disbursment from monday 7th may 2018.thatsmy own WISH.

    • Hi Muhahid, thanks for your comment, you’ll have to get in touch with the Ishiba organization. Visit their website and get make further inquiries, this post is for information purposes as we can’t know everything about Ishiba.

  142. If i register now, will it still be granted and disbursed alongside those that registered since 2017?

  143. Comment: Since all the directors and other necessary agents have signed hope the disbursement will happen this month of May?

  144. Hi I leave the Nigerian politician we not hijack the money coming from ishiba because the election is around the corner thanks

  145. Please after the signing by the chairmen of MFBs and directors in Abuja next week that is if my source is authentic , Can train move to lagos? i mean to also do the needful or same in lagos tanks

  146. does ishiba give the amount one applies during form filling? or what is the minimum grant ishiba can give?

    • The amount you fill in the form will be granted as said by the Ishiba team. The project which you want to use the funds for will be monitored though.

  147. honestly! we have waited so long for this ishiba grant, did them want us to die before the grant will come? it’s always soon that’s what we kept hearing 4 the past 8 month! i just wish with this latest info the grant will before the end of this month thank u.

  148. Comment: I am interested in the micro
    finance banking, i am a member
    of this noble program and i
    located at Ogbomoso North Local Government of Oyo State. My mobile number: 08137757575.

    • HI Adams, the decision is yours to make. The organization would want to see that you have a project to fund. So depending on you project size you can request a grant that will suit your needs. Still, it will be best to walk up to any of Ishiba offices in your state for further enquiries. You’ll be hearing from the horse’s mouth

  149. I applied for ishiba grant since last year April, please i want to know when they are going to disburse the grant

    • Hi Michael, according to the information on Ishiba page, there’s no specific date yet. But soonest is all we can say with the information reaching us. We can say that the time to disburse will definitely be lesser than the time you’ve waited.

    • Where is our faith, for we paid #2500 for registration but nevertheless, our digital Evang. May God continue to bless you and your family in Jesus mighty name 🙏 Amen, we are have been expecting it since 2016.

    • Hi Uyime, we posted this for informational purposes, please visit the website of Ishiba given in the article and contact them as touching your request. we’re sure you’ll get a quick response.

  150. I am interested in the micro finance banking, i am a member of this noble program and i located at shomolu local govt in Lagos State .
    I need your nearest office location the can help me the above request.
    my phone number is 09061998035
    Email: omoayo67@gmail.com
    Your prompt responses is highly appreciated.

    • HI Omo Ayo, we posted this for informational purposes, please visit the website of Ishiba given in the article and contact them as touching your request. I’m sure you’ll get a quick response.

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