African Forex Traders’ Success Stories

African Forex Traders' Success Stories

Read here to find the top successes of African forex traders.

When it comes to forex trading, there can be success stories in the pipeline. Of all these types of traders, African traders have had great success in the trading arena. They have been able to master their trading techniques and generate outstanding profits.

Read below to find out some of the stories of the best African forex traders. 

The True Success Stories

1. Jabulani Ngcobo

Raised in South Africa in the coastal city of Durban, Ngcobo reached his mid-30s and had already amassed a wealth that was close to US$35 million. The majority of this sum was from his successful career as a forex trader.

In 2009, he launched his cashflow Pro brand, which he later named Smart FX Pro. The aim was to empower other individuals to become foreign exchange traders by offering educational training courses.

He has a strong social media presence. You can find photos on his Instagram account documenting his forex activities alongside his luxury lifestyle. He posts about motivational talks and lectures on exchanges.

2. Sandile Shezi

Sandile Shezi is among one of the youngest millionaires based in South Africa. His forex trading career is one that is seen by many to display the potential profits to be made from having a risk-taking attitude to trading.

Due to his incredible success, Shezi has since established the Global Forex Institute. It is designed to trade beginner traders to help them achieve the tools they need to succeed. Much of Shezi’s message resonates with young Africans today.

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3. Ref Wayne

Similar to the others mentioned, Ref Wayne uses his success to influence young beginner traders. He has built a fantastic luxurious lifestyle thanks to his earnings as a forex trader.

He combined his interests in business, psychology, and philosophy to create a book called ‘The Art of the Trading Armageddon.’ Due to this, he has become a guru in the African trading industry.

He began his career very young, at just the age of 16. By 19, he had made his first million. This is an impressive feat for such a young trader; many others hope to do the same and follow in his footsteps.

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4. Michael Anyimah

Michael Anyimah is an extremely successful Nigerian trader. He began his career as a forex trader for Citigroup Nigeria.

Through this, he was able to experience great success in trading. He worked his way up to be offered the position of Head of Forex and Sales at Zenith Bank International. This worked in his favor as they are the largest bank for assets in Nigeria.

The bank has these incredible assets thanks to the guidance given by Anyimah as a successful FX trader. Since then, he has moved on to First Bank to implement more trading knowledge to improve the bank’s Forex and Derivatives Trading sector.

5. Jeremiah Mootseng

Not afraid to take any risks, Mootseng is a self-made millionaire through his astute approach to foreign exchange trading. He has established himself as a trader who acts as a pioneer in forex trading in Namibia and has become a popular mentor for fellow Africans.

He focuses a lot on beginners trading, helping them understand the complexities that arise in the FX market. He later became the founder and owner of the First Forex Institute based in Namibia.

6. Nelisiwe Masango

Masango developed an interest in the financial markets from a young age. She later became a self-taught forex trader who used her instincts from her younger research to enjoy an incredibly successful forex trading career.

She is now the director of a foreign exchange trading company called Bear Run Investments. As well as this, she works hard to promote female roles in the finance industry.

7. Patrick Ogagbor

Previously working as a banker, Ogabor has utilized his extensive background in the financial industry to become a full-time forex trader. He began his trading career in 2003 and, by 2007, had made serious financial profits.

How he did so was by successfully developing his own trading strategy, offering him that competitive edge to stay ahead of the curve at all times. 


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