8 Different Types of Plagiarism You Didn’t Know Existed


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We all love the web, it’s our first-to-go place to get information but when creating contents, plagiarism should be avoided in it’s entirety.

For example, undergraduate students fall victim of plagiarized contents. All the same, anyone is capable of copying existing contents if he or she doesn’t take the appropriate measures to avoid it.

It all starts by getting an in-depth understanding of the different types of plagiarism. The common ones among students especially revolve around improper citing or the lack of it.

Whatever source you use in your research, be it internet-based or printed, you need to remember to cite it in the right way, depending on the format stipulated in the guidelines of the project or assignment.

Here’s a quick infographic by Paraphrasingonline to learn even more facts, stats and myths about plagiarising.

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