5 Signs You Have The Entrepreneurial Spirit

cropped 5 signs you have the entrepreneurial spirit
cropped 5 signs you have the entrepreneurial spirit

How do you know if you have the entrepreneurial spirit? For many people being an entrepreneur and starting a business seem daunting, they just don’t want to leave the comfort and security of a regular day job and they assume that some people are born entrepreneurs.

For some other people they are ready to fight their way into having the benefits that comes with being a successful entrepreneur.

Signs You Have The Entrepreneurial Spirit

These 5 indicators shows you have the entrepreneurial spirit buried inside of you.


You’ve always wanted to launch and own your own venture

Generally, we all fall in love with the idea of making money early in life. Entrepreneurs have always wanted to create and design a route to controlling their own source of income and they want to do it quick.

You must have heard of students starting a small business (recharge card sales, photography, printing and photostat business, and even selling of wears etc). Even icons in the world today like Mark Zuckerberg started from school.

‘Start small and grow big’ is the common slogan used by these set of people. If you’ve always wanted to own a business, you are in. Why not give it a try?

You want freedom

Many people think most entrepreneurs are money lovers but I’ll say that’s not true. Eventually, many entrepreneurs are motivated less by the money and more by the freedom and control that comes with being an entrepreneur.

For example, back in school most especially starting from my second year as an undergraduate I started to think more about having full control about my work life.

Though, I have previously orchestrated my activities to being an employee but when I gave entrepreneurship a try I learned a lot in the process.

I wanted freedom and for most entrepreneurs too, freedom is one of the major motivating factors why they chose to stay on course as an entrepreneur.

If you want freedom, you are ready for entrepreneurship which gives room for doing things your way, every day as you wish.

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One key trait of successful entrepreneurs is self-confidence. If you’re always sure about what you do with courage to see things through, it’s a good trait for entrepreneurship and a sign you have the entrepreneurial spirit.

Self-confidence turns risk proposition around. With enough research you’ve put in place you can get the job done.

With self-confidence, you’re not afraid to promote yourself and your business idea to let the world know about it through marketing.

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You are a risk taker

Risk takers are not gamblers, with their research and self-confidence, they are ready to face the consequences of their decisions and actions.

For example, over 70 percent of new startups fail mostly in their first year, will it be wise to jump into starting a business with this fact in mind?

You’ll struggle for money and some other necessities to get your business up and running and the truth is, you can’t predict everything accurately until you start and learn in the process.

If you’re ready to take calculative risks, being conservative at the other hand, then you have the entrepreneurial spirit.

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You like to break the rules

Breaking the rules is not always an arrogant attitude as believed by our teachers in school. We’ve wanted to experiment and know what exactly will happen if we break the rules isn’t it?

Go to school; get good grades, and a good job. That sounds like the life rule for everyone who wants to play it safe. Some people see themselves not fit for that so they want to do something different.

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