Top 5 Online Payment Gateways In Nigeria

Oasdom top 5 payment gateways in Nigeria 2019
Oasdom top 5 payment gateways in Nigeria 2019

To help business owners receive payments online, payment gateways in Nigeria have stood up to the challenge. But what makes good payment gateway?

It’s simply the ability to accept online payments flawlessly and at lower costs. Still, many people still do not know how to make payment online.

There are many payment gateway providers present in the country hence it could prove very difficult to make a decision to which one to use.


Choosing the right payment method will ensure a fast, affordable and secure way to do your payments.

There are a few things you might need to have to accept payment in Nigeria including;

A Payment Gateway: A gateway is a service which your website uses to initiate transactions and follow up for feedback should there be decline. It also takes care of doing refunds for unsatisfied customers.

A Merchant Account: This is the type of bank account with a payment gateway company which will help you accept debit and credit cards.

5 Top Payment Gateways In Nigeria

Here are some of the top payment gateways in Nigeria to use on your ecommerce website.

Pay Stack Best Nigeria Payment Gateway

Payment gateways in Nigeria - Paystack

Pay stack was founded three years ago and has become a very popular ecommerce payment platform in Nigeria.

This gateway gives service to all business people across the country including large, medium, and even small-scale businesses.

Pay stack is used by many people because their website is fast, safe and its transaction fees are affordable.

Serving over 20,000 businesses in Nigeria (including top brands like MTN, Taxify, etc.) I’d say that paystack is currently the best payment gateway in Nigeria.

Setting up this payment gateway in Nigeria is free. However, transaction charges are charged at 1.5% and 3.9% for local and international transfers respectively.


Flutter wave accept payment online

Rave gateway is a service which enables acceptance of global payments through banks USSD and money cards.

It is easy to integrate rave into online shopping sites as this platform allows people to accept payments online both locally and internationally.

Rave payment gateway supports multiple currencies so someone outside Nigeria can still do business with you as they can easily pay for the goods and services.

Simply put, Rave’s ability to handle currency conversations makes it a unique platform of choice for international online business owners.

Doing a rave setup is quite straightforward and there is no initial payment required.Both local and international buyers can pay using their card or directly transact from their banks at very low transaction costs.

This platform is therefore affordable for most customers.

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GT Pay

Gt pay pay online with credit cards

GT Pay is an online payment gateway which is secure and was developed to help people pay for goods and services online using debit cards.

This payment gateway can be integrated with other existing websites, and hence acts as a bridge between financial institutions such as banks and the customers website.

What makes this payment gateway unique and one of the best in Nigeria is its ability to provide a convenient payment plan for all its customers.

GT pay allows people with debit cards to make payments for their online shopping at the comfort of their homes or offices just by providing the details of their cards.

Their transaction fee is directly deducted from the card hence customers get their goods on time. To use this payment gateway in Nigeria, having a GTbank account is compulsory.

Payments are accepted from both local and international customers and within 24 hours local transaction is complete and it is 48 hours for international transactions.

For local transactions the commission to be paid is 1.5% ad international commission is 3%.

Vogue Pay

Vogue pay - online payment gateways in Nigeria

Vogue pay is unique to other payment gateways in Nigeria, and its main vision is to offer an easy and secure way to carry out business transactions for its customers.

Vogue pay allows people to receive payments for goods and services at zero fees.

Other than its cheap nature, you are able to accept payments using Verve cards, visas and MasterCard which are issued from Nigeria.

The vogue pay gateway is fast and efficient, and this allows you to receive payments both locally ad internationally since it allows the use of all major forms of currency and it allows secure online payments using bitcoin.

With this payment gateway in Nigeria you are free to set up a business or even personal account.

It is very easy to link vogue pay with e-commerce website by use of plugin – offering non tech customers with API documentation.


AMplify recurring payment solution in Nigeria

Amplify is a recurring payment solution that pays the merchant in 24 hours for transactions done locally. Thanks to the encrypted channel and 3D transaction processing this platform offers.

Amplify allows the use of more than 40 currencies and is supported by American express, verve and master cards.

When doing online shopping this  Nigerian payment gateway will allow you to make direct payments from your bank account.

To receive payments using amplify it is not compulsory to own an e-commerce website. The user can just send a payment form to their customers.

Concluding Notes on Payment Gateways in Nigeria

Though there are reasons many people are still scared of making payment online with their credit cards, there are ways to reduce fears of paying online.

All these payment gateways in Nigeria are good for small online businesses but it’s still your decision to choose from any of the above payment platforms.

Looking for free online payment gateway? You’d agree with me that each should come with little charges on each transaction.

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