oasdom.com over 25 amazing facts about blood
oasdom.com over 25 amazing facts about blood
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Did you know that the red blood cells in your body are constantly replaced as they only live on average for about 120 days? Did you know it also takes these red cells about 20 seconds to travel 70,000 miles?

We often take our bodies for granted, whether it be the wondrous functions of the brain, or the ingenious way all of our nerves are connected. We carry on with our day-to-day activities without even realizing how our bodies are coping and functioning, and not only how they are working, but also how efficiently they’re working. One of the most clever aspect of our bodies is how our blood works. This infographic below gives over 25 amazing facts about blood. Take a look.

oasdom.com - 25 amazing facts about blood

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