1xGames – Enjoy Unique Titles with a Daily Tournament and Other Surprises

1xbet games lucky
1xbet games lucky

Each online gambling website out there needs to make its clients feel extraordinary and reward them for their constancy.

And 1xBet comes with a unique method for ensuring every one of their clients is getting what they need. 1xbet is the best betting site in Nigeria.

1xGames is the name of a devoted segment containing interesting games that only 1xBet registered members can play.


What’s more, there are various different compensations en route. Look at what 1xGames can offer you!

Enjoy One-of-a-Kind Games with a Cashback 

1xBet gives you access to more than 100 one of a kind games in its 1xGames segment.

The titles are roused by many popular topics of the gambling industry, such as cinematography, folklore, nature, and luxury.

And that is, by all accounts, not the only uplifting news coming your way about the 1xGames.

Other than the funds you win from simply playing these unique games, you can likewise get a cashback reward for them.

There’s a 3% cashback bonus for two games that you select out of the entire offer. A third game is picked by 1xBet and that one will give you a 5% cashback.

Daily Tournament and a Four-Tiered Jackpot to Win Even More 

There’s all the more uplifting news from 1xBet. There are two additional ways you can seriously boost your profit.

The first one is represented by the four jackpots that are active for any of the over 100 games available in 1xGames.

You can win an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly jackpot to nicely boost your win.

Last yet unquestionably not least, the Daily Tournament allows you to win something other than assets to withdraw.

This competition is packed with genuine prizes! There’s nothing special you need to do to take part in the tournament.

You will be collecting points as you play the 1xGames. Also, don’t forget that players from the 4th spot until the 12th get a spin at the Lucky Wheel.

With over 100 titles to choose from, we decided to review two of our most popular games so you know exactly what you are getting with Eastern Nights and Pandora Slots.

Eastern Nights 

Inspired by the stories of almighty Genies and the way they grant wishes to the lucky people that found their lamp, Eastern Nights recreates this great story.

Your goal is to select a stake and then start to choose random cells on the game layout. With every Magic Lamp you find your reward increases.

However, when you get the sorcerer Jafar, the game ends.

Don’t worry, there’s nothing stopping you from just collecting the money you won up until that point and just start a new game when you feel luck is no longer on your side.


Pandora Slots 

In case you’re acquainted with the Greek folklore, you’re going to cherish Pandora Slots.

With a pleasant visual depiction, this space gives you 5 reels and 9 pay lines to shape winning combos.

You have to coordinate three matching symbols on a payline to get a win.

The images have various qualities and you can modify the wager by choosing the number of pay lines and the stake per pay line.

The base stake is 1$ and that makes Pandora Slots an extremely flexible game that can be appreciated by hotshots and easygoing players the same.

Since you know it all about how the 1xGames work and what are the prizes you can get your hands-on, you don’t have anything more to do than join 1xBet and let the wins start!

Keep in mind, you have an ensured cashback reward, four unique jackpots, and a Daily Tournament to ensure huge wins along the way!