19 Science-Backed Hacks to Improve Productivity

oasdom.com how to improve productivity
oasdom.com how to improve productivity

How can you improve productivity? At the end of each day we ask ourselves ‘what have I achieved today?

We all reach that point in the day where we start to get tired, distracted, and mentally drained. Often, we try to power through it because there is so much to do.

But the key to ultimate productivity isn’t working longer hours, it’s working smarter.


There are many factors that impact your productivity, concentration, and focus. For example, how your workspace is set up.

Seemingly small details like the color of your walls, temperature of your office, and proximity to natural light can influence your productivity.

Here are 19 Science Backed-Hacks to Improve Productivity


What hampers your productivity? Is it your office space? Workflow? Failure to take breaks? There are solutions for each!

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