15 Relatively Unknown Inventors of Everyday Items We All Take For Granted

Oasdom 15 inventions with their creators unknown
Oasdom 15 inventions with their creators unknown

When we think of the great inventions in history, we often think of those like Alexander Graham Bell inventing the telephone, or Thomas Edison inventing the light bulb.

However, there are many great inventions that we often take for granted. For example, think about how today you’ve likely started your dishwasher, checked your home security system, stopped at a traffic light, or even sat down at a keyboard.

So, who actually invented all of these? There are so many inventors that today remain relatively unknown!

Did you know that Sir Tim Berners Lee created the the world wide web that’s making life easier for everyone today?

When you open that next can of soda, know that pull-tab soda cans were invented in 1967 by Ermal C. Fraze.

He’s a relatively unknown American inventor, but roughly 150 billion cans have his patented easy-open can tops today!

Another is Marie Van Brittan Brown who invented the home security system in 1969. Her patent used television surveillance and remote controls more than 50 years ago!

With the rise of the Maker Movement and Maker Culture, who knows what other groundbreaking and useful inventions could be coming our way.

Learn more about 15 everyday items whose creators are relatively unknown in this infographic by Quickbase.

The Relatively Unknown Makers Behind Everyday #infographic

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