What Adverts of 14 Nigerian Brands Looked Like in The 1980s

Oasdom Nigerian Brands adverts in the 1980s and 1990s
Oasdom Nigerian Brands adverts in the 1980s and 1990s

If you were born before or during the 1980s/90s, then you can relate to the advertisements on Newspapers back then – adverts of top Nigerian brands.

In this quick post, I’m going to share with you what the adverts of 14 Nigerian brands looked like in the 1980s and 1990s, Ready?

1. First Bank Nigeria Plc

First bank, founded in 1894, is still on the list of banks in Nigeria. This is the First bank in Nigeria.


Here’s what this Nigerian brand ad looked like in the 1980s/90s.

Nigerian brands adverts - first bank
brands in Nigeria adverts in 1990

2. Peak Milk

The next brand is Peak Milk. You remember Papilo Now, right? Here’s what Peak Milk news paper advert looked like decades ago

Peak advert
A tin of peak milk was N1.55 back then, things have changed in Naija isn’t it?
Naija Brands in the 1990s - Peak milk

3. Close Up

Another brand is CloseUp. Did you know that closeup is over 51 years, as it launched in 1967, five years after Nigeria Independence day. It has become a household name in Nigeria.

In fact, this super brand won the best brand award in 2013 as it is one of the products by the Unilever Nigeria Plc. Here’s what Close Up news paper advert looked like back then.

Also, the standard size was sold for N2.20. What you think of the price today? Let’s have your comment.

Closeup Nigerian brand

4. Gulder

Another Nigerian brand advert on this list is Gulder. As it is still one of the popular alcoholic drinks in Nigeria, Gulder Larger Beer has come a long way.

Here’s what Gulder Advert looked like decades ago

Nigerian brands - Gulder larger beer

Did you know that the recommended retail price per bottle of Gulder is just N1.99? What’s the price today? What does that say about our economy? Let’s have your comment in the comment section.

5. Shell

It’s so interesting that Shell is almost as old as Nigeria. Since 1938, Shell is still one of the top companies in Nigeria.

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Here’s what shell Adverts on Newspaper looked like some decades ago

Top nigerian brands adverts - Shell

6. BetaMalt

Betamalt have come a long way as well. Did you know that decades ago, a bottle of Betamalt was sold for 80kobo per bottle? Things have changed isn’t it?

Nigerian brands - Betamalt

7. VitaMalt


8. Lipton Yellow Label Tea

Hmm, Lipton Yellow Label tea. Unilever no just wan gree, Lipton is also owned by Unilever.

The company is named after its founder Thomas Lipton and this brand was introduced in 1890; over 129 years ago.

Here’s what Lipton advert in Nigerian newspapers looked like years ago

Lipton Yellow label tea newspaper advert
Back then, 25 tea bags of Lipton is just N2.50, What is the price today? Lets have your comment.

9. Blue Band

Tell me you don’t know blue band, and I’d say you’re not alive (lol), I too like this butter die. Bread and butter, but not just anyone goes well, Blue band no be here o.

Here’s what adverts of Blue band magarine brand looked like many decades ago. The medium tin was sold for just N1.80

list of Nigerian brands - Blue band

Anyway, in December 2018, Unilever made move to sell the Blue Band brand to another company.

10. Golden Morn

Hmm, it’s like we will continue to take Golden Morn till thy kingdom come in Nigera. Boarding house students can relate to this, add milk and you’re good to go.

Here’s what the advert of Golden Morn looked like on newspapers many years ago. Did you know that 500 gm was just N5.15 back then? The price today no be here o.

11. Bacchus Tonic Wine

I keep getting amazed about the pricing of items back then. 75cl of Baccus was sold for N12.95 while the 100cl bottle was sold for N16.50.

Nigerian brands - Bachusq

12. Peugeot

I can’t help it, I have to add this brand to this list. When I checked this in my dads archives, I asked him: is it really true that a car was just N95,500?


That’s just the price of smartphones today. See the newspaper ad of Peugeot back then, and maybe you’ll ask once again that can Nigeria go back to this pricing?

13. Guinness

Each time I hear this brand name, I always remember the Ultimate Search Show, I don’t miss it for anything.

Guinness don tey, they have stood the test of time and still one of the top brands in Nigeria, yes, Black is beautiful.

Nigerian brands - Guiness

That’s what guiness advert looked like on newspapers, many years ago

14. Lux

Lux Soap is another brand that has stood the test of time. See what the newspaper advert looked like.

Nigerian brands - Lux soap

Nigeran Brands Adverts (Summary)

So tell me what you think? With the graphics and prices of products as seen on each of the Nigerian brands ads, what’s on your mind?

With price increase on products and services rendered by these top brands and others not mentioned, will our economy ever become better than it is today?

Let’s have your opinion. PLEASE LIKE and SHARE this post on your favorite social media platform, I’d really appreciate that.