Google expected to release 10.2-inch Pixel C Marshmallow tablet this year


Google is not expected to announce a new Nexus tablet this year, but apparently that doesn’t mean you’ll be without a new Android slate from Mountain View.

A leak claims Google is planning to launch a 10.2-inch tablet later this year called the Pixel C, but it won’t be running Chrome OS like past Pixel devices. It will be an Android 6.0 Marshmallow tablet.

Google never technically told us what the “Pixel” line was, but everyone assumed it was just for Chrome OS. Adding an Android device to the lineup would make it more of a first-party premium brand that could include a variety of platforms.

The Pixel C is reportedly very similar in design to the Chromebook Pixel, but it will have a removable keyboard rather than being a regular laptop (similar to the Microsoft Surface). So imagine the Pixel’s screen without a keyboard permanently attached to it and you’ve got the Pixel C.

The display is expected to be 2560 x 1700 resolution, the same as the Pixel. Inside will be a quad-core 64-bit Nvidia Tegra X1 ARM chip with a Maxwell GPU. That chip is currently only used in the Shield Android TV box. Rounding out the specs will be 3GB of RAM and a USB Type-C port.

Hopefully it has the cool light bar from the Pixel too.There’s no word on pricing, but considering the Pixel is a $1,000 Chromebook, I think we can the Pixel C to sell for a bit more than the average Android tablet. It’s probably going to be manufactured by the same subcontractor as the Chromebook Pixel (rumored to be Quanta).

Google is not expected to start selling the Pixel C until November, but it might be announced at the event alongside the two new Nexus phones.



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