China Built The Massive Bus That Can Drive Over Other Cars


China built a bus that drives over other cars. Not like a monster truck… although that would be pretty sweet. No, China’s massive new bus is jacked up so that its customers ride high above the other traffic.

This is the “straddling” bus, something the Shenzhen Huashi Future Parking Equipment company first dreamed up almost six years ago to the day. The concept is easy enough to understand: elevate the passenger compartment of a bus high enough that it can move its passengers around with only a minimal impact on the flow of traffic.

This behemoth is called the Transit Explore Bus. It measures 72 feet long, nearly 16 feet tall, and 25 feet wide — wide enough to straddle two full lanes of traffic. It’s capable of hauling 300 passengers at a time, which means this is actually a small TEB. The full-sized model that’s envisioned will be able to seat a jaw-dropping 1,400 passengers.

bus image 1

The fully electric TEB is actually more like a streetcar: it rolls along on rails that border the two lanes of traffic that it straddles.

When the TEB stops, ramps deploy so that riders can get on and off. Other vehicles on the road can simply drive right underneath it like they’re passing through a tunnel. The underside of the TEB is even illuminated just like a tunnel is:

bus image 2

As bizarre as the TEB might look to you now, you might want to get used to the idea. Its makers are already receiving strong interest from several other countries — so they could start popping up in other crowded urban centers in the very near future.

It’s easy to see why. According to its makers, a TEB can replace as many as 40 regular buses and the cost to build a TEB system is less than 1/6th the cost of a subway. It’s also estimated that a single TEB could save around 2500 tons of carbon emissions every year.

Images courtesy New China/Xinhua News



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